In Sondondo, we can astonish with the color and tradition of the employer, religious holidays and authors of novels of manners. Later a complete list of the Sondondo's most representative festivities.

February Carnivals.
April Humita Festival and Rafting.
June 29 Festivities in honor of St. Peter the Apostle
July 27 to 29 Fiestas Patrias.
August 15 Assumption of the Virgin Patron Saint Patron of Sondondo.
August 16 Mr Patron Saint of San Cristobal.
August 26 - 30 Patron Saint San Isidro Labrador.
September Feast of water.
December 25 Navidad.

"Our Lady of Assumption"
OF Sondondo
Central Day: August 15

The Virgin of Asunción, mother of God and our mother, is for us motive of hope and of happiness because, poor and needed since we are, we see that the Virgin rises to the sky to plead for us before the God's throne more closely and with major efficiency. The contemplation of this mystery has to increase our devotion and confidence when we direct God our prayers invoking the intercession of the Virgin, since they make so many prayers liturgical.