Sondondo, birthplace of the great chronicler Felipe Guaman Poma de Ayala, and tourist destination for its stunning landscape climate natural wealth of flora and fauna.

Sondondo, Valley bonanza for its great diversity of flora and fauna, and for its excellent climate. Its breezes, pollution-free, mixed with the scent of eucalyptus forests and broom, with the singing of birds, with the roar of thunder and the whisper of the river flow of sondondo.

Sondondo Valley, the heart of the five districts: Carmen Salcedo (Andamarca) Chipao, South Cabana, Aucará huaycahuacho and Santa Ana, in the province of Lucanas, Department of Ayacucho - Peru.

Here you can appreciate, understand and find information about sondondo; for a next travel destination, being the perfect and ideal setting for its scenic beauty and the warmth of its people, which will make your stay an unforgettable experience