HUMITA: The humitas, are cupcakes of maize or tender maize, landfills with cheese and cooked to the steam. It is not necessary to to confuse with the tamales for his similarity, since the taste and ingredients of his procedure of production, they are different from the local dish of the humita



SARAPELA (soup with hominy): For its elaboration is necessary to soak the day before the nickname to soften, then it continues to boil the nickname accompanied by beef and seasonings. This dish is traditional in the celebration of festivals sondondo patron and the region.



  • CHOCHOJA LAWA (corn soup): Its preparation for the crumbs or crushed corn and can be accompanied with meat or cheese.
    FRIED TROUT: sondondo In the river there is an abundance of trout, a fact for which the villagers prepare fried trout with her salad, corn and potatoes.


OLLUQUITO WITH MEAT: You Need To prepare to select the ollucos Then drained and added to the pot, together with the meat. Cover the pot and simmer Until the root vegetables are tender, about 15-20 minutes, stirring Occasionally. At the end you must add the parsley and mix, as is the spice of flavor.


The Kanchi The "Court", toasted white maize is always seen in the tables of homes sondondo Valley, is marketed as a snack, to serve on the amount you like the diner. Their preparation is to place the corn field on a clay cayana and toast until cooked. Some people add a little salt and eaten with cheese.


  • Drinks

    SORA AHA, chicha of jora of maize
    MOLLE AJA, chicha of molle