SANTÍCIMA TRINITY, God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit, one God who created and rredimió uerdadero men and the world and his mother, uirgen Santa Maria, and all holy and saints and angels in heaven. Amen.

Give me grace to egenplos Escriu and feel good, that it takes all Christians and cienbre and plant, to throw good fruit and seed for the seruicio of God our Lord, and evil sinners and confronted emiende their language and CORASON and consencia and soul and that he reads them alunbre Sancto Spirit and each other is aconsexen and teach and know that ay uerdadero one God, the Trinity Sanctícima in heaven and on earth, God uerdadero

MVI HOLY FATHER, HIS HOLINESS POPE MVI, very high holy father, the sky and Llau Llau of ynfierno, power of God in the world on all ENPER and rreys, monarch selestial:

Llau open with the glory of heaven and closes with the ynfierno Llau, enbíanos jubeleos and pardons the saints from the hand of your holiness, the glan [sic] ask and beg rregalo this kingdom of Peru from the Indies. And I bezamos umile the saints feet and hands and we ahumillamos to buestra holy Catholic yglecia to give us the holy sacrament sazerdotal licensure, as already conzedido your Holiness in us all the others and for God's holy serbicio we are in the hands of your Holiness.

And she along with this little bit of CIRB obrecilla bue yntitulado Prime crown [n] gouierno this kingdom, which is serbicio of God and Your Holiness, I pray and beseech rreciba and throw me his blessing, which we ask of this kingdom of the Indies of Peru its umilde bazallo