Sondondo, is a beautiful valley that promotes the tourism of the region for his landscapes and, likewise for being the cradle of the great chronicler Philip Guamán Poma of Ayala. As it a monument of the chronicler is had in the major square of sondondo, in order that the tourists could contemplate the above mentioned monument and in addition estimating the former construction of his church.

Plaza Mayor de Sondondo
Vista Panoramica de Sondondo
Limayhuacho Waterfall: One of the closest cataracts sondondo people because it is about 100 meters from the main square. You can see the impressive waterfall of 50 meters in height.
San Cristobal Tunnel: The tunnel is approximately 150 meters long, is a real paradise of vegetation, water and dreamy landscapes. The tourists are recommended to visit, as they will have a good memory.